5 Attributes of the Super Successful

  Everyone can develop the skills of the very successful. During my 25-plus years as a journalist, corporate communications executive and entrepreneur I’ve had the opportunity to directly work and interact with some of the most successful people in the world. Whether it was a billionaire business leader, a hall-of-fame athlete or former U.S. president—there are five attributes that…


Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus puts more screen in its screen (hands-on)

How much screen can you squeeze into a large phone without it feeling uncomfortably, unusably big? That’s the question Samsung is trying to answer with the Galaxy S8 Plus, a flagship Android handset that crams a 6.2-inch display into a body that’s about the same size or just a little larger than handsets with 5.5-inch…


Review: Consider VPN services for hotspot protection

We review 7 low-cost VPN services for when you’re out of the office or out of the country. Virtual private networks have many uses. Typically, businesses deploy VPNs so employees can securely access the corporate network from outside the office. However, we’ve seen a rise in third-party VPN services that use the same underlying technology,…


How Not to Protect Your Privacy Online

  Privacy advocates across the country let out a collective sob this week when Congress dismantled a set of Obama-era internet privacy rules. In effect, the Republicans just gave big telecom companies unfettered access to your browsing history and will even let ISPs sell that data for profit . As we’ve argued before: this sucks….


Critical Factors That Makes The Digitalization Scary And Sensational

  Digitalization is prevailing and so are the modern devices. Smartphones are becoming smarter, companies are becoming creative, and people are evolving and undoubtedly, technology is at the peak. Needless to say, without any ado, we should talk about one of the most important ingredients, probably, the underestimated element, security, or, precisely, cyber security. Yes,…


Windows 10 Creators Update review: Gaming, inking, and Edge win, while mixed reality loses

Despite some broken promises, this is still Microsoft’s most significant Windows 10 update yet. Microsoft’s Windows 10 Creators Update offers the most significant upgrade to Windows 10 since its launch, splashing a bright, cheery coat of fun over Windows 10’s productivity foundation. Microsoft announced Wednesday morning that this free upgrade will begin rolling out to existing…


6 ways to maximize the Android phone dialer

Rearrange speed-dial contacts, get phone numbers for nearby businesses, duck spam calls, and more. Whether you’re trying to avoid telemarketers or you want to share a crazy voicemail you just received, the “stock” phone dialer on your Android phone has some pretty clever tricks up its sleeves. Not only can the Android phone dialer warn…


Teams, Microsoft’s Slack rival, opens to all Office 365 users

After unveiling a limited preview of Teams in November last year, Microsoft is now rolling out its collaboration and communication platform, positioned as a rival to Slack, more widely: Teams is now available, and free, for all 85 million monthly active users of Office 365, Microsoft’s suite of cloud services and apps as a web app and native apps for Windows, iOS…


Organize Your Life by Using These 4 Simple Words

  How can one phrase prioritize what’s important in your life? Read on and find out. I’ve been using it for the last six months and it’s cleared up my life tremendously. One thing I’ve learned in the year I’ve started our company, Radiate, is that a lot of you are busy. Actually, all of…


Internet privacy? Who needs that?

Senate Republicans think it’s fine and dandy for your ISP to sell your private data While the headlines are dominated by the further misadventures of a clueless president who can’t keep his Twitter tweeter shut, his Republican colleagues in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the U.S. Senate continue to destroy the internet. First, Trump’s…